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As Yelp says, “As Good as it Gets”. Mr. B’s crew, Jimmy, Cameron, and Tyler, called ahead, showed up exactly when they scheduled, and got to work.They took down a 32 year old by about 40 ft tall Ponderosa Pine 13 inches in diameter. It had grown completely one sided due to a row of cottonwoods right behind it. The cottonwoods are gone 3 years, but the pine just could not recover.

The location was difficult being above two retaining walls and in a narrow slot at the back of the yard. The crew put down large tarps on the lawn, and placed the smaller branches on them. As they climbed the tree, they tied the larger branches to a zip line and cleanly slipped them across the yard to another tarp. They cut the trunk down in 2-3 ft sections and also zipped them across the yard. Safe and clean as a whistle. The crew worked together as a real team. Jimmy said they have been together for almost 3 years and really know each other and their jobs. I agree.

I have not ever seen this zip line technique in my 78 years of age. It is an excellent and fast and safe technique. It too about 2 and a quarter hours. They were gone in 2 and a half hours and there was not a pine needle, piece of bark, or disturbance anywhere in the yard.

This is real performance and I thank you Mr. B. I recommend you as highly as I can.

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